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Stormwater Management

Did you know that all of the waterways that flow through the Township eventually run into the Chesapeake Bay? That means that any contaminants released into our watershed are contributing to the degradation of one of the most critically endangered ecosystems in our region.

East Earl is doing its part to protect local waterways by helping to keep the water clean before it reaches our streams. Do your part by applying best stormwater management practices. Learn more by viewing the pamphlets shown here. 

What is Stormwater
Why is Stormwater Important
Residential Construction
Commercial Constructions


 Applications and documents for download

Subdivision or Land Development Application (PDF)

Storm Water Ordinance #187 of 2014 (PDF)

Exemption Application (PDF)

Small Project Application (PDF)

Small Project Design Assistance Manual (PDF)


Stormwater Illicit Discharge Reporting

 Illicit Discharge Reporting and Pollution Prevention

Federal regulations define an illicit discharge as “...any discharge to an MS4 that is not composed entirely of stormwater.” This can include household cleaners, lawn products, trash, and organic debris. We ask the public to not contaminate our stormwater system with items such as these. Please do not dispose of yard waste such as grass clipping and other organic debris in the street as it could inadvertently clog our stormwater inlets. If you witness an illicit discharge, please submit a form entry using the link shown here or call The Township office at 717-354-5593.

Report Stormwater Pollution